Accuro and the Private Investigation Sector

Accuro and the Private Investigator Sector

In the Hot Seat: Gordon Healiss, Commercial Director

How can Claims Investigators benefit from outsourcing transcription?

The skill set of Claims Investigators lies in determining what happened, who is at fault, whether there is evidence of fraud and reporting on it.

When it comes to producing reports and statements, it is far more cost effective and timely for the investigators to dictate and outsource to a skilled transcription business.

If the processes are right, it’s a simple case of maths; is it worth paying the investigators to investigate or generate time consuming reports?


How has Accuro impacted this sector?

We have made some great relationships with the major players and worked with them to improve their processes and, hopefully, their profitability. I wouldn’t say we have directly impacted the sector, but helped those that do.


How flexible is the process for field investigators?

Our secure platform is web-based and accessed by user credentials. An investigator only needs internet connection to upload and receive work. Most importantly, the voice recorders are secure and remote, so can be used to record at the place of investigation without the need for internet.


How has your professional background and experience helped to develop the Accuro process for Private Investigators?

I have worked in the Claims sector since 2000 and in Claims Investigations since 2007, so I guess I have been able to tailor the service specifically for customers.

Most importantly is understanding new strategies they may have and why and supporting them with those.


What aspects of private investigation are covered by Accuro?

If it can be dictated, we can transcribe it. So, really, a wide range! Our technical expertise is very strong on Motor, EL/PL and Theft, encompassing reports, statements, locus, etc.


How well can Accuro handle a demand for urgent reports?

All reports are returned the next business day, 100%. Any urgent requests are normally catered for within 4 hours.


In your experience, which model works best – employed or self-employed?

There is no real difference to Accuro; the system is simple and is used by both contract types. That’s a bigger question for our customers and the answer rests with utilisation and their customer demands.


What are your professional goals within this industry?

Not only with investigations, I want to introduce law firms, doctors, loss adjusters, insurers – the list goes on – to the benefits of outsourcing transcription. We are a back-office process that doesn’t grab the headlines, but when things fall behind it has serious consequences for operations.

My goal is to convince businesses that a simple, secure, cheaper and quicker solution is better!

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