Accuro’s Editing Function

How does it work and why is it important?

A solid editing process is integral to ensuring that all transcription produced by Accuro’s panel of transcribers is returned with the utmost attention to accuracy. Once a dictation has been typed by a transcriber, it is returned to our in-house editing team and checks are made for correct medical and/or legal terminology, grammar, punctuation etc.

Editing proves to be a particularly crucial tool in a number of different ways as it allows us to assess the quality of work being produced by our transcribers while also identifying points for useful feedback.  This means we can constantly work with our transcribers to resolve any queries and provide valuable feedback for their future work.

Despite only recruiting transcribers with a proven expertise in their retrospective legal or medical background and assigning them work accordingly, we understand that there is always room for human errors, such as typos or inaudible sections due to accents that the transcriber may not be accustomed to. Therefore, to ensure that individuals meet our highest of standards, all work completed by new transcribers is proofread prior to their return to the client.

Clients will often provide us with specific templates they would like their dictation to be typed onto.  These can sometimes be complex and may require some additional training for the transcriber in order to get the formatting exactly to the standard expected by the client. In this instance, we could even be editing experienced transcribers’ documents to ensure we are getting it perfectly correct first time!

This process is repeated until a transcriber is deemed suitably trained and they can be ‘signed off’ on an account, based on the work we have reviewed. This means that documents can be quickly returned from approved transcribers straight to clients without the editing ‘middle-man’.

Our Accuro system also works in a way that allows even those ‘signed off’ transcribers to flag up any queries they have relating to the dictation or template to the editing team through the notes section on our secure software, Accuro Express, providing the added assurance of guaranteed quality transcription every time.

For more information or if you have any queries about the information above, please feel free to contact our friendly team on 01565 748 000.

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