Accuro transcription player FAQs

Accuro Express has its own transcription player built in with support for Olympus foot pedals and Infinity foot pedals (Other foot pedals may work but we cannot guarantee it, so you’re welcome to test others and let us know).

I want to use keyboard shortcuts/hot keys

If you want to use keyboard shortcuts/hot keys to control the dictation player, then please follow the instructions below:

  • Open Accuro Express.
  • Login.
  • Click on Audio player settings.
  • Click the Use keyboard tick box.
  • Click on each of the Actions and then press a key or key combination (simultaneously) until this key or combination appears underneath the “Key combination” header.
  • Set a fast forward/rewind seconds.
  • Click Save.

Other FAQs:

If you’re having issues, please read the below FAQs. 

Please follow the guide above – you’ll need to ensure that your foot pedal is connected up to Accuro Express.

Ensure you’ve followed the video guide above, and ensure that “Press and hold to play” is ticked. 

Ensure you’ve followed the video guide above, and ensure that “Press and hold to play” is ticked and that you’ve set “On release, rewind X seconds” to a value above 0.

You may have accidently set one of your foot pedals to SkipToEnd or SkipToBeginning. Please go back and reset your settings in Accuro Experss.

  • Click Windows Icon. 
  • Start typing Add or Remove Programs. 
  • Click Add or Remove Programs. 
  • Click on Pedable. 
  • Click Uninstall. 
  • Follow the instructions to uninstall.  
  • Restart your PC. 
  • Follow the video instructions above.

Your foot pedal may be stuck in ‘keyboard mode’ from FTSW tools.

To change the operating mode follow the steps below:

  • The foot switch must be plugged into the PC and with the foot switch configuration tool open select ‘Olympus Mode’ from the Operating mode drop down.
  • Click “Apply to Foot Switch”, wait for setting update confirmation.
  • Close the FTSW configuration tool
  • Disconnect the foot switch from the computer and reconnect it.


Note: When the foot control is then reconnected to the computer it will be connected in the requested mode. Do not reopen the FTSW configuration tool to check the settings, as this will change the mode of the foot switch.

If your file says “Upload” next to it in Accuro Express as opposed to “Documents”, when you go to open the dictation from the folder, please right click the dictation, and click Send to -> Accuro Express.