The new normal

As the Government outlines plans to further relax lockdown restrictions, the country is cautiously taking steps towards the ‘new normal’.  As some children return to school, non-essential shops have been allowed to open and the people are gradually enjoying a return to work.  Each organisation will endeavour to create a safe working environment for all employees, although some may face challenges with space, self-isolating staff, furloughed staff, redistribution etc.

As we move out of lockdown there are still many unknowns.  What has become clear though is that businesses will take what they have learnt and use this to their advantage going forward – flexible working, a better work/life balance appears to have led to increased productivity and reduced overheads in many cases.  Accuro is no different.  Our business model was always based around remote working and we our security systems were already in place to enable us to continue to provide our service with no interruptions.  What has become abundantly clear though is that we have had the support of a loyal panel of UK based transcribers who have worked professionally throughout the COVID period.  Thanks go also to our customers who have continued to support Accuro over the last few months.

As trading continues to increase, we anticipate our customers in primary care are likely to feel the pressure of increased demand from patients who have not sought medical attention since the March lockdown.  If you would like to know more about how Accuro can help manage peaks in workload then please contact us today to discuss.


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