Busy Law Firms and Outsourcing

Law firms of all sizes produce copious amounts of dictation on a daily basis. These can vary from attendance notes to completing a Part 36 offer. The increasing use of digital dictation within law firms is freeing up Fee Earners’ time to earn more money for the firm by concluding cases rather than spending their time typing.

Law firms have always had an in-house, employed pool of secretaries who are responsible for typing all dictation. But what do those secretaries do when there isn’t enough dictation to type?

Many law firms now recognise that replacing a static, fixed cost with a flexible, skilled outsourcer has many positives.  In this case, if the typing requirement is low, then the cost is low; if it is high, then operational backlogs are avoided because outsourced providers have the capacity for high demand.

Accuro have recruited over 400 UK-based legal transcribers, providing us with the peace of mind that we have the capability to deal with any volumes of dictation on any given day.

Accuro can offer support by either acting as a complete, secure, outsourced solution or as an overflow, allowing organisations to keep up-to-date during periods of high demand.

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