Case study – Aasima Riaz-Foster – TWM Solicitors LLP


TWM Solicitors, a leading South East law firm, has worked with Accuro for a number of years. Lawyers at TWM have used Accuro’s specialist legal speech-to-text service to create transcripts of multi-voice recordings for use as evidence and also to produce client correspondence including letters and attendance notes.

In January 2023, Senior Associate Aasima Riaz-Foster instructed Accuro to transcribe handover notes for a large number of property cases. Accuro allocated these notes to a specialist legal transcriber on Accuro’s panel. After transcription, the document was proofread by Accuro’s inhouse editing team before being returned to Aasima ahead of the pre-arranged turnaround time.

Aasima Riaz-Foster, TWM Solicitors LLP, January 2023 Aasima Riaz-Foster, TWM Solicitors LLP, January 2023

Can I just let you know you guys are amazing - super quick and accurate too.  Thank you so much!

As well as legal transcription services,  Accuro provides medical transcription services, academic transcription services, property transcription services, captioning servicesZoom & Teams transcription services and translation services.

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