Case study – Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust

Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust (CHFT), an 810-bed secondary care trust sees in excess of one million patients every year across a number of different medical disciplines.

As a result of a national shortage of qualified medical secretaries alongside the pressures faced by Trusts to see more patients after the covid-19 pandemic, Huddersfield found themselves in a clinical typing backlog situation across a number of disciplines.

Accuro had previously supported Bradford Teaching Hospitals with clinical typing backlogs. Samantha Bryant, Integrated Medical Specialties Operations Manager reached out to Accuro to understand further what support could be offered. With a key focus on patient care, Accuro and CHFT undertook a ‘kick-off’ meeting with each organisation’s appropriate staff in attendance. It was understood that the outsourced typing service would require access to Winscribe (the digital dictation provider installed at the trust) and EPR Cerner (the patient administration system within the trust), this was to ensure the burden was not put on CHFT’s internal teams, allowing Accuro to provide an end-to-end process.

Accuro liaised with CHFT’s IT and Admin Teams to set up system access for a secure trial of the service. A number of priority dictations were selected from the Gastroenterology Department which Accuro completed within two working days. Once CHFT’s internal team had reviewed and approved the completed documents a further 2000 dictations were outsourced to Accuro reducing the backlog from five weeks to 10 days.

Accuro designed a three-stage process internally to ensure the highest quality and quickest turnaround, involving:

  1. Dictations typed by UK-based, speciality matched transcribers onto a MS word document.
  2. Documents proofread and edited by Accuro’s internal editing team.
  3. Clinical document migrated into the corresponding patient encounter within EPR Cerner and a feedback form sent to CHFT’s internal team noting any further actions that need to take place.

Following review of progress and overwhelmingly positive feedback, CHFT intend to continue to work with Accuro within the Medical Division.

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