Case study – Conversis translation experts

Conversis, a life-science translation expert based in Oxfordshire contacted Accuro  to support them with English transcription of patient/therapist interviews. A format was requested with very specific instructions to ensure the requirement matched the requirements of their customer.

“After initial scope meetings, Conversis provided easy to follow guidelines which allowed our operations team to train our transcriber and linguist panel to ensure production of an excellent product”.

After a successful pilot of English language interview transcription, Jack Garner, Conversis’ Account Manager instructed Accuro to provide transcription services in multiple different languages including German, Czech and Danish.

Accuro selected specialist linguists with experience in life sciences, allocating short test files to each to ensure familiarity with the customer’s specific formatting requirement.

Upon return of the files, Jack Garner added:

“After being let down by another provider, Accuro came to the rescue and provided an accurate and timely service which allowed us to satisfy our customer’s requirement. I am thankful to Matt and his team for their help”.

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