Case study – Master’s Student – University of Oxford

A Master’s student at the Department of Migration Studies at Oxford University required an interview transcribing urgently as part of their research studies.

After an initial search on Oxford University’s intranet, they identified Accuro as an approved supplier of speech-to-text transcription services. An instant service was required due to time constraints. The student accessed Accuro’s self-service web portal, uploaded their audio content to the speech recognition service and received the completed transcript back within minutes.

The student was contacted to ensure they were happy with the speech recognition service and they commented “I used the speech recognition service and it worked perfectly”.

Accuro’s advanced speech recognition service uses the very latest in neural network technologies, utilising Microsoft Azure and Accuro’s custom glossaries for a wide variety of specialisms.

Accuro also offers a professional proofread service, where content created by the speech recognition engine is checked for accuracy by Accuro’s team of editors.

As well as enhanced speech recognition services, Accuro provides medical transcription services, legal transcription services, academic transcription services, property transcription services, captioning services, Zoom & Teams transcription services and translation services.

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