Case study – North Hampshire Urgent Care (NHUC)

North Hampshire Urgent Care (NHUC) provides out-of-hours urgent medical care for patients who are feeling unwell and are not able to see their own doctor because their GP surgery is closed.

NHUC have two Primary Care Centres providing the service; Hantsdoc is co-located with the Emergency Department at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital and Frimley Primary Care Service, based at Frimley Park Hospital.

As part of NHUC’s due diligence, calls are recorded for two reasons. Firstly, to support the care of the patient and secondly to monitor service provision of the call handlers. In the instance of complicated patient care or a complaint from a service user, NHUC instruct Accuro to create an accurate transcription of the call recording.

Due to the nature of the work, Accuro has designed a skills matrix that routes the call recordings to transcribers with experience in dealing with trigger warning content.

“Accuro’s rapid transcription service allows us to investigate call recordings quickly to ensure best practice is utilised at all stages during our service provision”,

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