Case study – Sussex Community Dermatology Service

Sussex Community Dermatology Service (SCDS), the largest provider of outsourced dermatology services in the UK, sees 150,000 patients a year across nine locations in the Southeast of England. Each appointment generates a clinic letter that is dictated using the Lexacom 3 platform and routed to Accuro via our secure integration.

“Accuro’s service is great. It allows us to streamline our processes for clinical documentation. Their rapid turnaround and accuracy really allows SCDS to run efficiently and meet our SLAs from the trusts”

Accuro’s innovative allocation system automatically routes dictation through a tagging system to secretaries with the appropriate dermatology skillset, providing an incredibly accurate service with 100% compliance on next day turnaround.  

SCDS is an independent organisation based in Hove, providing outsourced dermatology services to Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Guilford and Waverley NHS Trusts.  Accuro completes in excess of 150,000 minutes of dictation per annum on behalf of SCDS.

In addition to medical transcription services, Accuro provides legal transcription services, academic transcription services, property transcription services, captioning servicesZoom and Teams transcription services and translation services.

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