Case study – Tantrwm – Digital Media Production

Tantrwm, an award-winning video production and live streaming company create outstanding and stylish communication videos, web videos, social media films, internal and external communications, TV and live streamed events across the UK.

When creating video content, open or closed captions should always be made available to increase audience reach and comprehension. Tantrwm looked to outsource the creation of captioning files, to allow their video production to take precedence and an outsourced captioning partner was chosen.

After a lengthy relationship with another provider, Tantrwm looked to find an alternative captioning service due to issues surrounding quality, turnaround and reliability.

Tantrwm contacted Accuro in early 2022, with a view to trialling Accuro’s captioning service. A trial was agreed and Accuro worked with Tantrwm to create a list of requirements:

  • File upload to a secure web-based portal.
  • Multi-speaker video file.
  • .srt file type.
  • UK English language.
  • Use of a “client specific cheat sheet” of acronyms and names to ensure accurate spelling and terminology.
  • Return with one business day.

Upon receipt of the first caption file, Chris Davies, Director at Tantrwm commented: “We’ve carried out all of our checks it looks good”. Accuro accurately and quickly turned around the trial period thanks to a number of captioning professionals across the UK, supported by a team of in-house captioning editors to ensure 99.9% accurate captioning content.

After the successful trial, Chris Davies made the decision to switch future captioning requirements to Accuro, ensuring that Tantrwm can continue to provide accessible content to a wider audience.

Accuro provide captioning services for video production companies, academic institutions and YouTube channels. Accuro can provide both open or closed captions, to any requirement in any format required. Find out more by contacting us below or creating an account by hitting ‘Get Started’.

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