Continuity Planning amid COVID-19

Continuity planning – The spread of COVID-19 could impact the ability to produce clinical correspondence if practice staff have to self-isolate.

Accuro can help in the short-term by providing typing support to GP practices on an on-demand basis.

England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Harries, has stated that people with flu-like symptoms will be advised to self-isolate within 10 to 14 days and, at the same time, significant increases in the number of cases are likely to begin.

In the case of staff absence, dictation can be sent securely to Accuro, as and when required.  We can accept significant quantities without any advance warning.

Accuro’s transcribers work from home accessing their dictation workload via Accuro’s secure portal.

There is no setup charge or minimum usage requirement and there is no charge unless typing is sent to us.

There is absolutely no commitment to use the service and setting up an account is free of charge.  We will offer a free trial so you can see how the process works. If we can help with continuity planning and patient care in your practice, please get in touch with our experienced team today by using our contact form here or calling us on 01565 748000.

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