Digging Deep To Protect

Our brave new (digital) world heralds a bright future for a rich and diverse healthcare sector propelled forward by the white heat of technology. But it also ushers in unprecedented opportunities for clever and resourceful criminals and hackers capable of doing untold misery and damage to systems and reputations at the click of a mouse, regardless of wherever they are.

At the moment it seems almost daily that we read about, or hear of reports of institutions, organisations and companies who have fallen victim to the cybercriminals. In the blink of an eye, patient records can be accessed and personal details and identities stolen – disappearing into a dark, murky digital underworld inhabited by all kinds of nefarious people and unscrupulous gangs.

So never before has it been more important for those supplying services to the healthcare, insurance and legal sectors to make sure that their systems are fully protected.

And this is something that we are fully committed to at Accuro. It’s a huge issue, one that you simply can’t ignore or pay lip service to – we have had our online services put the test in a move that has once again reinforced the importance we place on putting the safety and security of our clients first and foremost.

We have commissioned external experts to undertake detailed penetration testing work of our national network, which is accessed and used by more than 400 professional transcribers.

Using Accuro’s secure hub, customers ranging from NHS and private hospital operators to national legal and insurance firms, can safely submit dictation for transcribing and once it has been transcribed, the document is then uploaded back to the hub where it can be securely accessed.

Comprehensive risk and compliance testing of websites and digital platforms – supplementing the benefits of ISO27001 accreditation – is one true measure that all in the healthcare services’ sector can and must subscribe to, to show customers that their technologies are as safe and secure as possible from attacks.

It’s time to act before it’s too late.

By Helen Healiss, managing director of Accuro, which is accredited to ISO 27001

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