Don’t Leave Terminology to Chance: Accuro and Correct Terminology

Every industry has its own unique terminology. An incorrectly transcribed word can change the context of a letter or report, posing many serious implications. In the case of medical terminology, for example, an error can mean the difference a correct and incorrect diagnosis, or even an incorrect dosage of a medication that could be harmful if taken wrongly.

That is why it pays to ensure that you only engage professional transcribers, who understand your terminology and are sufficiently experienced and educated in your sector, to accurately type your dictation.

Accuro currently has over 450 professional medical transcribers working on their panel, all of whom have undergone thorough assessment at the recruitment stage.  Our transcribers have proven experience in a variety of medical specialties, and this is taken into account when we assign their work.

In addition to this, Accuro also employs an in-house team of editors and proofreaders with the knowledge and experience needed to perfect all documents in their final stage before being returned to the client.  Our editing team have a keen eye for detail when it comes to things like dosages, medications, diagnoses, and more tricky terminology relating to specific bones and organs.

In the English language, the most commonly mixed up medical words include hypotension and hypertension – two entirely different conditions. Similarly, dysphagia and dysphasia.  The confusion between words such as these can be significantly reduced when you have medical professionals AND a strong editing team working on your documents in direct succession.

Up to 30% of transcriptions that use industry-specific terminology are wrongly or poorly transcribed. That is why it is vital that only professionals, with a full understanding of your industry, are engaged to provide transcription services.

If you don’t want to leave your terminology to chance, find out more about Accuro Transcription Solutions – we are here when you need us.

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