How to Use Accuro (Transcribers)

If you have EDIT in your Accuro account name, then please click the button below for the FAQs for Proofreader/Editor accounts.

You should have downloaded and installed Accuro Express by now. Please watch the video below on how to use Accuro Express.

Don’t forget, unless otherwise agreed, all work is due back with Accuro by 9am the next business day!

If you have already logged in and received work, then please skip to the how to save/upload files:

How to save & upload files

There are two methods of saving/uploading dictations with Accuro. These are notified by either an Upload or a Documents button at the end of the row.

Ensure you watch both of the videos below and follow the process(es) accurately.

My dictation says Documents

If the dictation in your list says Documents, it is really simple to complete this dictation. Please watch the video here.

My dictation says Upload

If the dictation in your list says Upload, there are a few differences in how you save and upload the file. Ensure you watch the video here. 

My dictation is highlighted in red

If the dictation in your list is highlighted in red, hover over the file name. It may be an urgent file or;

It may say there are more than 1 instructions. This means that there are multiple files ‘grouped’ with this task. You will need to:

  • Access more than one dictation; and/or
  • Access a clinic list; and/or
  • Create more than one document.

The video here will show you how to complete ‘Grouped’ files.

Grouped files instruction video

Frequently asked questions

The template may already be open, it’s on your bottom bar and just hasn’t come to the ‘front’.

Alternatively, ensure you’ve got the desktop app version of Microsoft 365. If yours is a web-based Microsoft 365 subscription, Open Office or older version of Office, then this will not work and we cannot provide further support.

If you’re receiving an error message, then please head over to the technical FAQs page here:


The file name needs to be exactly the same as it appears in Accuro Express. 

Please head over to the technical FAQs page here:

If your foot pedal isn’t working, please review the Foot Pedal FAQs page here:

Right click on the Task list button on left-hand side of Accuro Express. Select Clear database. Right click on the Task list button again and select Refresh. The tasks should appear again. Occasionally, you may need to log out of Accuro Express and log back in for them to do so. It may be that files have been recalled for reasons such as urgency/no longer requires typing and so will not appear in your list. If you are unsure then please contact the office and we will let you know.

There are various reasons for this. If you hover your cursor over the task name, the pop-up window will detail why. Below are the possible reasons for this: –

  1. The file is urgent and needs to be transcribed as soon as possible;
  2. We have sent a file back to you because there is a problem with it. If you hover over the file name with your mouse, you will see what the problem is;
  3. There are specific instructions for a file from the customer that we want to draw your attention to. Again, hover over the file name and you will see these instructions;
  4. We have sent you a group of dictations that all relate to each other. Hover over the file name and it will tell you how many dictations relate to that task.