HR Departments Make the Leap to Digital Transcription

There are many areas of HR work that should never be carried out in-house for legal reasons. Any recordings from disciplinary, misconduct or grievance meetings should be prepared by someone completely independent of the issues under discussion.

Accuro Transcription Solutions can be effectively implemented to fill this requirement, with the benefits of impartiality, confidentiality and HR experience all in one facility.

In the case of all HR meetings, it is vital that the employee can present their point of view on the issues at hand. This could be through raising a concern or responding to allegations made against them.

Anyone preparing a written record of audio material from such a meeting should not be bias towards any of the parties involved. Of course, this includes anyone from a HR department as an in-house employee would not be considered impartial in a court of law.

If someone is under investigation, any initial documentation should prepared by an independent professional, such as those from Accuro. It will allow HR professionals to work fairly and accurately whilst reaching an appropriate solution, also saving time and money along the way!

Outsourcing HR dictation to Accuro will prevent rumours from starting in the workplace, protect the reputation of the company, maintain staff morale and productivity and ensure fair management of HR issues and professional documentation of meetings.

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