The Importance of Accurate Legal Transcription

Throughout Accuro’s 14 years in the legal sector, there has been a clear priority amongst those who choose to outsource with us: accuracy. for accuracy being so important for legal transcription.


As a company who believe in the importance of accuracy (to the extent of naming our business based on the Latin, ‘accuro’: prepare carefully), we thought we would explain the main reasons


1. Accuracy eliminates Ambiguity

Even the strongest of legal cases are put under strict questioning and cross-examination. Accurate legal transcription helps to eradicate ambiguous elements of your case, making sure that your material is clear and straightforward.


2. Get Your Facts Straight

The majority of legal cases are loaded with paperwork. Anything from dates, names, places, witness statements, reports… it’s all important and could make or break your case.

Outsourcing your legal transcription should do two things:

a) reduce the pressures of paperwork;

b) help to consolidate this important information into an accurate copy.

Your transcription will provide a detailed look at all the crucial facts and figures of the case – it has to be done accurately, otherwise all of this information is invalid.


3. Accuracy over Catastrophe

There is no room for errors in legal transcription. Poor transcription can lead to confusion and potential mistrial, which can be highly detrimental to your case.

For example, small errors such as “did” and “didn’t” could result in the difference between an innocent client appearing to state “I did commit this crime” as opposed to refuting it with the true statement, all for an omission of a few extra letters.

Our legal transcribers have extensive knowledge and experience within their specialist fields. Our current panel of over 400 UK based legal transcribers means that we have a vast breadth of knowledge and capacity for accuracy at Accuro.

In addition, our editing process helps us to eliminate any errors before the transcript is returned, and this level of quality checking allows us to maintain a high level of accuracy overall.

Don’t just take our word for it – contact us on 01565 748 000 to get started on a 30-minute free trial and see for yourself.

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