Speech to text for individuals

Whether you are producing PhD research, an author or journalist or completing any project requiring audio to text you can use the simple quote facility to get an idea of the price and upload the audio file to start the process.

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Template styles

Bespoke template 

You can upload your own template and the document is returned in your own style/format.

Standard template

A standard Microsoft Word template with attendee key at the beginning and used to note speakers in the left margin.  

Time-stamped template

Can be used on bespoke templates or standard template. Time stamp added to conversation. 

Block of text template
A standard Microsoft Word document with a block of text and no formatting.

Transcription formats

Intelligent verbatim 

An accurate transcript of the audio that removes unnecessary text to improve the flow. For example: “the decision to proceed was based on cost”  

Full verbatim

An exact transcript including all spoken utterances. For example “the decision to proceed was based, was based on umm… cost”. 

Examples of templates

Frequently asked questions

Still not found what you’re looking for?  Below is a list of FAQs that should help. 

All major file types can be used to transcribe from, whether it be an audio file, video file, YouTube video or Facebook video. 

The resulting transcript can be saved to any file type supported within Microsoft Word or Adobe products. 

When you upload a recording you can choose from either transcription, speech recognition + edit or speech recognition only. This choice is available for each upload and the relevant charges apply. For more information on what type of speech to text service is suitable for your digital dictation then please click here.

Speech recognition is an improving technology. A clear, single voice can achieve circa 60%-80% accuracy in a simple block text (without the need for accurate punctuation). This requires an in-house proofread but is quick and cost effective for a rough draft.  

To achieve a commercial grade accuracy, Accuro’s speech recognition and edit service exceeds 95%, but is limited to single voice and block of text transcription. This is ideal for customers with reduced secretarial resource with the time to edit and format rather than provide a full typing service.     

Accuro’s transcription service is provided in any style or format you want. Your profile can hold an unlimited number of templates and you simply drag and drop/upload the audio file to your required template. If you don’t have a template requirement then we will transcribe onto Microsoft Word as the author dictates.  

All automated speech recognition services are available in block text formats.  

Pre-payment is required for one off consumer instructions.