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Turbo boost your firm with AI and human secretaries

Utilising the latest in AI technology and legal secretaries, Accuro is the fastest and most technical choice for legal transcription services.


Legal transcription, your way

Choose how to have your documents returned to streamline your process and improve productivity.

Legal transcription

Typed into Word

Legal transcription returned on your organisation’s template, blank Word document or edited voice recognition (block text format).

Accuro accepts uploads from most digital dictation systems and can accept any file type.

Typed directly into CMS

Accuro’s most complete end-to-end service, typed securely into your case management system.


Legal transcription, your way

Choose speech recognition, edited speech recognition or human transcription, whichever suits each dictation the best. 

If you’re not sure how you want your legal dictation typed and returned, get in touch and Accuro can tailor a service to fit your requirements.

What our customers say

Slater & Gordon Solicitors Slater & Gordon Solicitors

I am conscious that I speak quickly, with a low voice and have had issues with other outsourced transcription services however I receive very few errors or omissions. I am happy with the quality of work and level of service provided.

Dr A Soaita, Research Fellow, University of St. Andrews Dr A Soaita, Research Fellow, University of St. Andrews

We have used Accuro for regular project work which involve vast numbers of interviews needing transcribing. They have always been professional, fast turnaround, good quality transcription, even when the recording happened to be poor, they made the best of it!

Simon Nabarro, Nabarro McAllister & Co, Chartered Surveyors Simon Nabarro, Nabarro McAllister & Co, Chartered Surveyors

Accuro’s quality and guaranteed next day service allows me to focus on the more technical aspects of my role.

Paul Mannering, Practice Manager, Gullands Solicitors Paul Mannering, Practice Manager, Gullands Solicitors

Accuro has removed some of the administrative headaches that comes with being the Practice Manager of a busy law firm. One advantage is how quickly it becomes part of the workflow without need for management input.

Victoria Simpson, Lecturer, University of Sheffield Victoria Simpson, Lecturer, University of Sheffield

We needed audio files transcribing quickly and I contacted Accuro. Within a couple of hours we had agreed a competitive price, sent the audio files electronically and identified a completion date. I would happily recommend Accuro and will be using them on a regular basis for transcription services.

Sally Price, HR Business Executive, Ashfieldin2focus Sally Price, HR Business Executive, Ashfieldin2focus

We took the decision to employ a part time audio typist. 12 months, two audiotypists and two recruitment agency fees later we decided to explore the option of outsourcing our needs. A month later, we are very satisfied with the quality of the dictations, the service provided by Accuro and the turnaround time.

About Us

Accuro has been leading the way in legal transcription services for over 20 years. Accuro’s ethos is providing a secure, quick and reliable legal transcription service to turbo boost your firm. 

Frequently asked questions

Still not found what you’re looking for?  Below is a list of FAQs that should help. 

We have an abundance of experience in providing UK  transcription services to professional verticals. Our legal transcription service is used for top 200 law firms, UK universities, international pharmaceuticals, surveyorsinsurers and a wide range of human resources ranging from blue chip to SME businesses. By using transcribers with a specific knowledge of sectors we can offer a tailored service to each customer.  

Accuro’s speech recognition + edit service uses profile management so, for example, legal transcription services uses a legal profile etc.  

When you upload an audio dictation file you can choose from either transcription, speech recognition + edit or speech recognition only. This choice is available for each upload and the relevant charges apply. For more information on what type of speech to text service is suitable for your digital dictation then please click on more information in each service.     

Any single voice audio file uploaded before 5pm will be returned by 5pm the next business day. Multi-voice audio files (less than 8 speakers) will be returned within 3 days. Multi-voice files with 8 or more speakers 5 days. There is an urgent request facility in the software which prioritises files required sooner.

Speech recognition is an improving technology. A clear, single voice can achieve circa 60%-80% accuracy in a simple block text (without the need for accurate punctuation). This requires an in-house proofread but is quick and cost effective for a rough draft.  

To achieve a commercial grade accuracy, Accuro’s speech recognition and edit service exceeds 95%, but is limited to single voice and block of text transcription. This is ideal for customers with reduced secretarial resource with the time to edit and format rather than provide a full typing service.     

Accuro’s professional and legal transcription service is provided in any style or format you want. Your profile can hold an unlimited number of templates and you simply drag and drop/upload the audio file to your required template. If you don’t have a template requirement then we will transcribe on to Microsoft Word as the author dictates.  

Multi-voice templates can be viewed by clicking here

All automated speech recognition services are available in block of text formats.  

Yes, Accuro’s legal transcription service have experience of typing directly into many different CMS’ including, VisualFiles, ProClaim, LEAP and many more.

You will receive an invoice (if work has been uploaded) weekly in arrears. Payments can be made using: 

  • Direct debit 
  • PayPal 
  • Bank transfer 

We’d love to hear from you if you have experience in medical transcription, legal transcription services or professional services transcription. Our recruitment team can guide you through the process and help you grow your panel of customers based on the areas you specialise in. To apply now, please click here.

Professional and legal speech recognition + edit service

Accuro’s advanced legal speech recognition service uses the very latest in neural network technologies, Microsoft Azure. Customers choosing this service will be allocated a bespoke profile based on their speciality, with that profile being supported by one of Accuro’s technical glossaries. 

You can also add a professional proofread, where content created by the speech recognition engine is checked for accuracy by Accuro’s team of legal proofreaders.

Audio transcription template styles

Block of text format.

Transcription rates and turnaround

Accuro’s professional and legal speech recognition + edit service is suitable for:

  • Semi-technical audio
  • Transcription service requiring block text formatting
  • Single voice files
  • Customers with in-house formatting capability
  • Suitable for non-customer facing documents i.e. file notes
  • Input directly into CMS

Professional and legal transcription service

A UK transcription service provided by experienced legal and professional transcribers. Audio transcription is allocated via secure bespoke software to transcribers to produce an accurate interpretation of the audio file.

To achieve maximum accuracy rates, completed digital transcription is edited and checked by our in-house professional proofreaders before despatch to the customer.

Audio transcription template styles

You can use your organisation’s style including letterhead, forms, fonts and graphics or use Accuro’s standard templates.

Transcription rates and turnaround

Volume discounts apply.

Accuro’s professional and legal transcription service is suitable for:

  • Technical or semi-technical audio
  • Single or multi-voice audio files
  • Telephone or video recordings
  • Conference calls
  • Transcription service requiring formatting
  • Transcription directly into CMS
  • Print and post
  • E-mail
As well as our high-quality professional and legal transcription services, Accuro provides excellent medical transcription services, academic transcription services, property transcription services, captioning services, translation services and Zoom & Teams transcription services.