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Expert professional legal transcription and legal document translation services are just a click away – Accuro is a leading UK provider of speech recognition services and legal transcription.

Choose from Accuro’s menu of speech-to-text services. Click on more information to find the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your recordings.

Accuro is an approved and integrated partner with most digital workflow providers including Lexacom, Bighand, Crescendo and Olympus.

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For 30 minutes of free dictation



£ 1.20 / per dictation minute
  • 99.5%+ accuracy
  • Specialist transcriber
  • Bespoke MS Word templates
  • QA proofread

Speech recognition + Edit

£ 0.80 / per dictation minute
  • 99% accuracy
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Block of text
  • QA proofread

Speech recognition

Rough draft
£ 0.10 / per dictation minute
  • 60-80% accuracy
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Block of text
  • Great for note taking

What our customers say

Frequently asked questions

Still not found what you’re looking for?  Below is a list of FAQs that should help. 

We have an abundance of experience in providing UK transcription services to professional verticals. We transcribe for top 200 law firms, UK universities, international pharmaceuticals, surveyorsinsurers and a wide range of human resources ranging from blue chip to SME businesses. By using transcribers with a specific knowledge of sectors we can offer a tailored service to each customer.  

Accuro’s speech recognition + edit service uses profile management so, for example, legal transcription uses a legal profile etc.  

When you upload an audio dictation file you can choose from either transcription, speech recognition + edit or speech recognition only. This choice is available for each upload and the relevant charges apply. For more information on what type of speech to text service is suitable for your digital dictation then please click on more information in each service.     

Any single voice audio file uploaded before 5pm will be returned by 5pm the next business day. Multi-voice audio files (less than 8 speakers) will be returned within 3 days. Multi-voice files with 8 or more speakers 5 days. There is an urgent request facility in the software which prioritises files required sooner.

Speech recognition is an improving technology. A clear, single voice can achieve circa 60%-80% accuracy in a simple block text (without the need for accurate punctuation). This requires an in-house proofread but is quick and cost effective for a rough draft.  

To achieve a commercial grade accuracy, Accuro’s speech recognition and edit service exceeds 95%, but is limited to single voice and block of text transcription. This is ideal for customers with reduced secretarial resource with the time to edit and format rather than provide a full typing service.     

Accuro’s transcription service is provided in any style or format you want. Your profile can hold an unlimited number of templates and you simply drag and drop/upload the audio file to your required template. If you don’t have a template requirement then we will transcribe on to Microsoft Word as the author dictates.  

Multi-voice templates can be viewed by clicking here

All automated speech recognition services are available in block of text formats.  

Yes, Accuro have experience of typing directly into many different CMS’ including, VisualFiles, ProClaim, LEAP and many more.

You will receive an invoice (if work has been uploaded) weekly in arrears. Payments can be made using: 

  • Direct debit 
  • PayPal 
  • Bank transfer 

We’d love to hear from you if you have experience in medical transcription, legal transcription or professional services transcription. Our recruitment team can guide you through the process and help you grow your panel of customers based on the areas you specialise in. To apply now, please click here.