Why Accuro is Useful for Professional Practices at Christmas

There is a culture of widespread chaos as the December days spiral towards Christmas and it might seem like ploughing through a backlog of referral letters is becoming a quintessential Christmas tradition.

A common situation that occurs in medical practices across a calendar year is an imbalance between fluctuations in volumes of workload and staffing expenditure. In essence, unless you’ve got a really good recruitment team, and are willing to spend a lot of time managing it, you can find yourselves overspending during quieter periods, or with a team of overworked secretaries facing a huge backlog. As any good practice manager knows, a keen awareness for operational costs is fundamental to maintaining a cost-effective model that, most importantly, works efficiently.

Medical secretaries spend a significant number of hours weekly just on typing, which if outsourced to a professional transcription company, could be freed up to spend on core elements such as high-quality patient care. So, you might like to consider what outsourcing can do for you.

Outsourcing to Accuro means being able to hit a button on an easy to use platform, sending your dictation into an overflow typing pool of 400 expert transcribers. When a transcription task is outsourced, a careful process of allocating, analysing, typing and editing is conducted to return high quality encrypted documentation in a timely turnaround.

With business already ready to burst, inevitable annual staff leave, means you might be about to embark on the time-consuming and costly task of contingency planning in the form of temporary recruitment, a common problem which outsourcing could easily resolve.

Accuro’s pay-as-you-go system works in a way that allows you to use us as per your business demand. Reliable transcription with no contracted cost.

We’re here over Christmas with the equally impressive next working day turnaround times that we boast all year long. Take a load off your in-house staff, it’s no burden for Accuro.

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