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Medical terminology

Medical terminology can be very hard with a lot of similar sounding words, so we recommend using medical terminology guides that can be found below.

If you’re not sure on a word, phrase or entire sentence then try and find it first by using the medical terminology guides below, using Google and as a last resort, just type Inaudible 00:00 (00:00 replaced by the time in the dictation).

Putting a number of inaudibles in a document will not go against you – we have an in-house editing team. If you don’t alert us of inaudibles, our editing team will assume that you’re 100% certain of what you’ve sent to us. 

Medical terminology guides:

You can find a large number of medicines and drug terminology/names here:

NHS Website (Click here).

Anti-seizure medication (Click here).

Please note:

  • Capitalise all drug and medicine names to be consistent. 
  • There may be some used off-license, or others in private practice, please use Google if cannot find on NHS website.

There is a lot of general medical terminology. There are a number of resources for medical terminology as below:

Cambridge Heart Clinic (Click here): The best and most complete cardiology medical terminology handbook we’ve found to date. 


The NHS Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust is the most complete gynaecology terminology glossary we’ve found to date:

Brain & Spine Foundation (Click here): Closest to complete neurological glossary we’ve found.

Oncology and Cancer treatment terminology can be very complicated, and a lot of trial drug names may not be included, but MacMillan has the best Oncology terminology guide we’ve found so far:

MacMillan (Click here).


Bristol Knee & Sports Injury Clinic (Click here): Whilst a Knee & Sports Injury Clinic, this orthopaedic terminology guide covers almost the whole spectrum of orthopaedics.


Do you have any medical terminology guides for Accuro?

If you have any other medical terminology guides, medical glossaries or any other useful information that you have used in the past or think other transcribers might find helpful, please complete this form here:

How else can I learn medical terminology?

A number of companies offer Medical Terminology courses with medical secretaries in mind.

In these courses, you will learn relevant Medical Terminology ranging from all disciplines, increasing your competence in the healthcare sector.

Medical Terminology courses cover detailed medical terminology, acronyms and abbreviations, 

A lot of Primary Care and Secondary Care organisations will send secretaries on these types of courses, but not all of them are as supportive.

There are a number of these courses provided online, a few of which include:

AMSPAR (Click here): The most recognised and complete medical terminology and secretarial courses available. This can also be done via BSMSA (click here).

REED Courses (Click here): Cost effective medical terminology course.