Transcribe Audio into Text

Why Transcribe Audio into Text? Are you au fait with how to transcribe audio into text? Do you know the reasons, what to look for with transcription services? In the

Case study – Sussex Community Dermatology Service

Sussex Community Dermatology Service (SCDS), the largest provider of outsourced dermatology services in the UK, sees 150,000 patients a year across nine locations in the Southeast of England. Each appointment

Transcribe Sound to Text with Accuro

Transcribe sound to text If you want to transcribe sound to text in today’s digital age, outsourced transcription services have become increasingly important for businesses across all industries. Transcribing sound

Case study – Mercury Studios

Mercury Studios, powered by the legendary Universal Music Group work with a global network of artists and creatives to develop, produce and distribute award-winning music content. Mercury Studios have worked

Case study – Tantrwm – Digital Media Production

Tantrwm, an award-winning video production and live streaming company create outstanding and stylish communication videos, web videos, social media films, internal and external communications, TV and live streamed events across

Case study – Gloucestershire NHS Trust

Clinton Neale, the newly appointed Assistant General Manager for Gloucester NHS Trust, required a solution for clinical correspondence backlogs within the Cardiology Department. Underfunding and staff turnover had contributed to