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Accuro’s next generation speech-to-text services are now instantly accessible on a pay-as-you-go basis with no upfront costs or setup fees. Sign up today and test it for yourself.

What services do Accuro offer?


Outsourced transcription is the process of quickly and accurately documenting the content of an audio or video file by a team of professional transcribers.

If you don’t have the time or inclination and are looking for a cheaper method, outsourced transcription is a simple way to get your important recordings typed by professionals through next generation software.

When outsourcing transcription is a good idea:

Speech recognition

Accuro’s speech recognition services are ‘back-end’ products meaning audio is converted without the need for ‘there and then’ correction or reformatting.

Audio is converted from speech into text using a bespoke, profile based version of Microsoft Azure’s speech-to-text software and sent back to you as a completed document.  Users do not need to adopt a different process to begin their journey with artificial intelligence.

How it works:

Speech-to-text transcription services
Our two speech recognition services are as follows:


Rough draft

Ideal for users needing a rough draft. Users do not sit and correct the document, wasting valuable professional time. The process of dictation remains unaltered; audio is run through the speech recognition engine and a block-text document is returned in minutes.

Proofread (speech recognition)

Combining human experience with AI. Once a rough draft has been created by the speech recognition engine, documents are professionally proofread, eliminating software errors and formatting. This product is for users requiring a more complete document.

Okay for speech recognition:

Not great for speech recognition (use transcription):


By adding captions or subtitles to your videos you enable a wider range of viewers to enjoy your video content, understanding the message even with the sound turned off.

Whether you are a novice video creator or a senior media producer, Accuro provides subtitles in WebVTT (Web Video Text Track) format to add timed-text as an overlay on your video.  WebVTT is the industry standard format for closed captions.


Accuro provides an expertly sourced translation service based on your requirements, working with a panel of vetted and approved suppliers.

So, whether your priority is cost, speed of delivery or the capability to deliver a large project, we can match your translation requirement to the best of our approved suppliers.

Copy typing

Copy typing is copying words from either a typed printed hard copy, a .pdf or handwritten notes. Accuro can process this into whatever format you require, providing you with an editable document from whatever source material you have.

What next?

It’s so simple to get set up with Accuro, just click Get Started above, or below here and sign up for free – you only pay for what you use.

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