Olympus Launch DR-II Range

Accuro now sell the new Olympus DR-II Range

The range includes DR-1200, DR-2100, DR-2200 and the DR-2300.

Key benefits across the range include:

  • 3 Colour – Programmable LED’s
  • Non detachable USB cable
  • Playback volume control
  • State of the art Uni-Directional Microphone
  • Programmable Buttons
  • Highest Dragon Speech Recognition rating
  • Front facing speaker
  • 4 programmable buttons on front and 1 on back
  • +/- volume control for convenience
  • Enhanced visual aid with multicolour and dual LED system
  • Volume buttons and LED are also programmable
  • Directional microphone to reduce the background noise
  • Consolidated main buttons for one-thumb operation
  • Large trackball and click buttons for easy PC navigation
  • Smooth and rounded back for comfortable hold
  • ‘Fixed’ – Robust USB cable for extended life
  • Newly designed 2nd generation Directrec for professional stationary dictation.

This new models also boast:

  • Significantly improved ergonomics
  • Stylish but robustly designed
    • slide switch on rubber rollers allows smooth and low noise operation.  It also minimises wear and improves the switch reliability
    • Trackball made from stainless steel, uses extra high molecular weight polyethylene film which has abrasion-resistant and self-lubricative characteristics
    • USB cable embedded cable knot to maximise the tensile strength, think USB cable, 10 times more durable than a regular USB cable- Better microphone performance – low noise directional microphone to minimise undesired background noise
  • System solution including device configuration software – software development kit (SDK) available for system integrators
    – Compatible with Windows 7 and Mac

Product Specific Features include:

DR-1200: trackball, push button

DR-2100: slide control

DR-2200: trackball, slide control

DR-2300: trackball, slide control, removable barcode reader


For more, view the video below:


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