Why does Pay-As-You-Go Work for Most Customers?

Medical professionals across the country are working in an industry which is consistently pressured and fast-paced.  With Accuro’s transcription service offering an immediate solution for backlog situations and peak periods, it makes sense for a pay-as-you-go model to be made available to complement the flexibility of the service itself.

It is often the case that GP surgeries will have a secretarial team who can manage their workload day-to-day, but struggle to do the same when a member of that team takes sickness or holiday leave – especially while approaching the festive period.

In this situation, a pay-as-you-go service is ideal.  With no start-up fee or minimum spend, surgeries can cover secretarial absence on an ad hoc basis and with immediate effect.

The same can be said for law firms who experience peaks and troughs in work.  For example, one week a legal professional may find themselves with a backlog of work, whereas the next week their workload may be more manageable. 

Accuro’s pay-as-you-go model suits this situation perfectly as law firms are able to implement a service as and when it is needed in order to maintain optimum productivity.

As a service providing secretarial support, here at Accuro we understand that professional practices may not always need help from outsourcing every day.  We are here to stand in for secretarial absence or peak periods of overflow as and when it suits our clients.

If you need extra support coming up to the holiday period, why not give us a try?  We’re confident that you will be pleased with the service – so much so, we offer a 30-minute free trial to all new customers. 

Call us today on 01565 748 000 to get started!

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