Property transcription services by Accuro

Being a surveyor means completing reports. Whether this be a valuation or a damp report, they need typing (or transcribing/transcription as we say).

Dictate what you want on the report and let typing experts do this for you.

What are transcription services?

Audio transcription services usually provide a wide variety of typists, or transcribers, who type a digital dictation (voice or sound) file into a text document.  In the property industry this will be on specific templates including but not limited to all RICS approved Homebuyer Reports, PCA damp surveys, etc.

What transcription services do surveyor firms need?

Accuro’s transcription services can act as a “one stop shop” for surveyor firms, currently acting as both a complete solution and as an overflow solution, providing all of the required typing for a number of firms and also on an ad-hoc basis for firms that struggle during busy periods and secretarial absence.

Accuro currently type on to individual firm’s templates/precedents including but not limited to some of the following document types:

  • Surveys
  • Inventory Reports
  • Valuations
  • Schedules of Work
  • Correspondence
  • Copy typing
  • Meeting Minutes

Why Accuro Transcription Solutions?

Accuro is a 100% UK-based service who provide transcription services to a wide variety of sectors, including property, legal and medical.  We can provide such a wide variety of services due to having a large panel of transcribers who come from a variety of typing backgrounds.

A property transcription service should be able to serve any type of report that needs completing for a property firm, whether this be an inventory firm or a surveyors.

Additionally, Accuro provide a pay-as-you-go solution, as we appreciate firms will use a combination of an outsourced and in-house model for their transcription requirement.

Don’t just take our word for it though, Accuro can provide references from current customers as and when required.

Personalised service

Accuro employ a team of account managers to guide each firm along their way.  Your allocated account manager will be the point of contact for any member of staff from your practice who will be available to help on matters such as how to send your digital dictation to us, how to download your completed transcription, or even something as monotonous as billing queries.

Competitive price

Accuro offers a pay as you go service, meaning that you only use Accuro on an ‘as and when’ basis, with no set up costs or hidden charges. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not charge an extra fee for urgent turnaround requirements and work to the firm’s requirements, whether this be same day or next day.

Our pricing includes a quality assurance service, where a professional proofreading team provide a second and final check to ensure the transcript is to as high of a standard as possible.

Accuro work alongside the property firm’s budgets wherever possible and will provide quotes for individual piece of work or project if required, in a timely manner to ensure work can begin straight away.

Security and data protection

Accuro have nearly 20 years of experience in handling confidential data, with a customer base including both public and private sector organisations who trust Accuro to handle (in some cases) extremely sensitive data. Industry leading information security processes have been put in place, including the coveted ISO27001 accreditation to completely remove any risk of data information lapses.

Accuro were well ahead of GDPR regulations and processes are in place that go above and beyond the legal requirements of handling customer data.  For more information, please visit our data security page or contact us for our policy documents.

Contact us today

If you want to know more about what Accuro can do for you or your firm, call us today on 01565 748000 or visit our contact us page, where you can get in touch for a no obligation conversation or to trial our transcription service.

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