Save non-clinical time

Save non-clinical time with Accuro's private medical transcription service

Recent studies describe a worrying picture of clinicians spending much needed ‘patient’ time on routine administrative tasks. On average a clinician will spend 9 hours per week carrying out administrative tasks equating to a full day per week of lost clinical time. Clinical time is more precious than ever with the mammoth task of seeing the backlog of patients who have missed both elective and urgent appointments over the last 18 months. In this blog, Accuro explains how to reduce administrative pressure and increase clinical time for your private practice and how this increases billable time and reduces your overall overheads.

What is non-clinical time?

A clinician’s non-clinical time may include:

  1. Dictating referral and clinic letters.
  2. Meeting with pharmaceutical sales staff.
  3. Creating prescription forms.
  4. Checking and signing off letters.
  5. Increasing the size of your own private practice through business development efforts.

How does reducing non-clinical time benefit my practice?

Simply put, your private practice can only bill when you are seeing patients, whether this is for a routine consultation or complex surgery: you are not billing when you are not seeing patients. A successful private practice benefits from simple and cost-effective outsourced services. Choose an outsourcing partner who has experience in the private sector as well as the NHS.

How can Accuro reduce non-clinical time?

Accuro helps private practices and hospitals across the UK to:

  1. Improve the patient pathway through rapid creation of clinical correspondence.
  2. Reduce clinician time checking and signing off letters through 99.5% accurate transcription.

Based on an average of 5 clinics a week, each consisting of 10-15 patients, a typical private clinician can expect to save five admin hours per week where according to the BMA, the average consultant can charge £215 per 45 minute consultation.

Using an approved UK-based speech-to-text service like Accuro, clinicians can be assured that their dictations are being typed by specialists in their field who are familiar with the terminology used and nuances and intricacies of their discipline. This reduces the amount of time taken checking transcribed letters and therefore increases the amount of clinical time available each week.

New and laborious technology can waste more time!

Accuro’s cloud-based portal can be accessed from anywhere and is simple and secure to use. Why not set up your account today and benefit from a free trial of Accuro’s medical transcription services by clicking the button below.

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