Secondary Care Transcription Service

As the UK’s #1 secondary care transcription service, Accuro supports a number of NHS Foundation Trusts and hospitals across the UK. 

Large patient backlogs has lead to large dictation backlogs. A number of NHS Trusts have instructed Accuro to clear large volumes of dictation. Most continue to instruct Accuro to avoid backlogs.

Accuro remote into the patient’s electronic health record via VPN. Accuro work in all the major patient administration systems (PAS) including but not limited to:

Who uses Accuro?

Dictation backlog
Improved from eight weeks to five day turnaround.
Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust
  1. Dictations typed by UK-based, speciality matched transcribers.
  2. Documents proofread and edited.
  3. Clinical document migrated into patient encounter within EPR Cerner.
Dictation backlog
Improved from three months to five day turnaround.
Worcestershire Royal Hospital
  1. Initial turnaround of 7600 minutes of dictation. 
  2. Once SLAs had been hit, Accuro moved to continuous support in a number of departments. 
  3. Continued support via Accuro, inputting completed letters to Bluespier's EHR. 
  4. Current turnaround: Five days.
Dictation backlog
Improved from three months to seven day turnaround.
Gateshead NHS Foundation Trust
  1. Initial instruction to clear three month backlog for Trauma & Orthopaedics.
  2. Completed in two weeks and continued support for T&O. 
  3. Proceeded to clear backlog for Cardiology department after success in T&O.
  4. Supported locum staff in Respiratory. 
  5. Gateshead continue to instruct Accuro. 

Let's talk transcription

If you’re wondering how Accuro can help, get in touch and Accuro can tailor a medical transcription service to fit your requirements.