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Choose the best speech-to-text option for you

Accuro offers a unique menu of speech-to-text services via a secure web-based platform.
 With a choice of outsourced transcription, proofread speech recognition or a simple rough draft, customers can now quickly and easily select the best service for each audio file.

Accuro's speech-to-text services



The most accurate speech-to-text service. A direct replacement or help for in-house staff, completed by UK-based, skilled transcribers and professionally proofread to achieve maximum quality.


Rough draft
(speech recognition)

A really quick way to get your audio file returned in minutes. Ideal for users who want a cost-efficient rough draft to get started. Available in both single-voice and multi-voice formats.


(speech recognition)

A cost-effective AI solution with the benefit of being professionally proofread. Available in both single-voice and multi-voice formats.

Okay for transcription

Okay for speech recognition

Frequently asked questions

Still not found what you’re looking for?  Below is a list of FAQs that should help. 

Accuro has been transcribing confidential recordings for over 20 years.  Our software has been developed around the stringent encryption standards required by the NHS.  We are proud to be certified to ISO27001, the internal standard governing data security.  We are visited annually by external auditors who review every part of our transcription, operational and technical processes. We are registered with the ICO and have an inhouse compliance team who are responsible for monitoring adherence to UK GDPR regulations. 

We pride ourselves on the accuracy of the transcripts we return.  Human transcription will always be the best option, with your dedicated team being able to get used to accents, styles, interruptions etc. If however you have a budget restriction we have two other solutions that may be more useful.  Our AI solution with edit included will produce high levels of accuracy without the formatting that transcription provides.  Speech recognition alone will produce a lower level of accuracy but can still be a very useful tool if you need to quickly produce a rough draft.

Yes.  The service operates on an on-demand basis meaning you can dip in and out as often or infrequently as needed.  We do however offer discounts for large volumes or frequent uploads so it’s always worth speaking to your account manager about this.

We’d love to hear from you if you have experience in medical transcription, legal transcription or professional services transcription. Our recruitment team can guide you through the process and help you grow your panel of customers based on the areas you specialise in. To apply now, please click here.