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Step 1: Welcome to Accuro

Welcome to Accuro’s panel of transcribers. Our team are based in Knutsford, Cheshire and are on hand to help should you need to contact us.

Work must be completed by 9am the next business day after it was assigned to you. 

For example, work sent to you on a Friday is due back by 9am the following Monday.  

Our software allocates dictation to you automatically on the basis of your experience, how well you have performed on previous dictation tasks and also on the fee that you charge.

The majority of dictation that we receive from our customers is confidential or sensitive. To make sure that we look after this sensitive information we use secure software to transfer dictations and transcripts between your computer and our server. This software is built and owned by Accuro and will be provided to you free of charge for the duration of the time you work with us. This is the only way you can receive dictation from us, other less secure methods such as email are not permitted. 

Firstly though, please set aside around about 30-45 minutes to complete your setup with ourselves. You can do this all in one go, or complete each step on its own. 

Note: We recommend you use the Google Chrome browser for this process.  If not, ensure you look out for the FAQ at the bottom of step 6.

Once you’ve read the above, click step 2 below to continue.