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Step 5: Data security responsibilities

Please ensure you read the below thoroughly. This information will be available to you through our FAQs page if you want to read it again. 
Accuro’s responsibilities
Accuro has an obligation to ensure we apply appropriate technical and operational measures to ensure that data is not disclosed to anyone who shouldn’t see it. Accuro’s transcription process has been designed to be as secure as possible, using the best levels of encryption on the data. Accuro is responsible for making sure all transcribers are trained to understand how important these procedures are. If you are ever in any doubt about a process, or how to handle data, you must ask a member of Accuro’s staff or our Data Protection Officer immediately.
Your responsibilities
As a contractor to Accuro, a business which provides transcribing services to the legal and medical sectors, the data processed by you often falls into the category of sensitive personal data and must be processed absolutely in accordance with GDPR. It is also noted that you are required by the terms of your Terms of Engagement with Accuro to comply with all data protection legislation. The contract between you and Accuro restricts you from disclosing the content of any transcript which you have seen or listened to as a result of your work for Accuro.
You will notify us if you plan to move outside of the UK and will not request transcription for completion when outside of the UK.
This note is for guidance only and you remain personally responsible for ensuring you understand and comply with your obligations under data protection legislation.
Your PC or laptop
You must use a strong password to log in to the computer you use to transcribe documents and change such password at least monthly. If you share a PC with another family member, they should not be able to access your profile.
Every computer you use to produce transcribed documents must have firewall and anti-virus software installed and these must be updated at least monthly.
If you leave your computer for any period of time whilst undertaking any transcription on behalf of Accuro, you must lock your computer screen.
Using Accuro-Express
You must never disclose your user credentials for Accuro-Express to a third party. If you think that a third party has accessed your user credentials, you must immediately change your password and inform Accuro of the situation.
Passwords should be carefully selected so as not to be easy to guess. For example, don’t use the name of your children, pet, etc.
Please refer to the guides in the FAQs section for how to use Accuro Express. If you have any issues, please use the FAQs page. Accuro-Express will automatically remove all data from your PC once the task is complete. Do not try to save copies anywhere else on your PC.
Use of email
Email is not a secure method of transferring personal data. Email is never to be used to send transcripts back to Accuro unless you have advanced, written instruction to do so from a member of Accuro’s staff. Written instruction will be in the form of an email from Accuro. Use the reply function to attach the transcript. For additional security, you must password protect the transcript and send the password in a separate email. Inability to upload a completed transcript onto Accuro Express is not a valid reason for returning a transcript by email; if this happens, always contact the Accuro team for advice.
Printing and saving
If you are undertaking copy typing from a document provided by Accuro, you may print a copy of the document to be copy typed but must destroy the printed copy of the document once you have transcribed the document. You should destroy paper documents by shredding them (ideally cross-shredding them). Apart from printing copies of documents for copy typing, you must never copy, forward or save onto any laptop or flash drive, CD or other mobile media any digital voice file, associated document or any scanned document provided to you by Accuro or any document you have transcribed on behalf of Accuro.

If you request your account to be deactivated, or it is terminated for any reason, you must ensure that you uninstall Accuro Express and delete any and all folders relating to Accuro off your PC.

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