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SUEZ Recycling

Who are SUEZ?

Since 1988, SUEZ have been delivering innovative and environmentally responsible solutions to manage waste and water for their customers. 

SUEZ found Accuro via Google when searching for meeting transcription services.

The Requirement: Appeal Hearing Transcription

Accuro were contacted by Jasbir Josen, Senior Employment Solicitor at SUEZ to transcribe an Appeal Hearing with a member of staff. 

After outlining that AI would not be suitable due to the difficulty of the audio, a human typist was required and Accuro was identified to fulfil this requirement.

Matthew Harrison, Managing Director, Accuro Matthew Harrison, Managing Director, Accuro

Accuro identified a transcriber with experience in typing disciplinary appeals for a similar customer in the past.

SUEZ received the completed transcript back, and commented on the accuracy and turnaround time. SUEZ have access to Accuro’s online portal for easy upload of meetings in the future.

For more information on Accuro”s  meeting transcription services, get in touch today:

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