Surendra Bandi, Orthopaedic Consultant

Dr Surendra Bandi, Specialist Consultant with expertise in spinal injuries required support with typing and proofreading complex medicolegal reports in support of evidence in Court Hearings. 

Dr Bandi was referred by a colleague at his private practice who also use Accuro’s medical transcription service

Dr Bandi initially instructed Accuro to type and proofread an 80 minute report on a complex spinal injury case he was working on. 

Dr Surendra Bandi Dr Surendra Bandi

Quality of typing is very good and the team have managed to follow the complex structure of the report.

After the initial trial report with Accuro, Dr Bandi has continued to instruct Accuro for his ongoing reports. 

Dr Bandi creates at least four reports per month, averaging 70 to 100 minutes in length. Accuro continue to transcribe and proofread these. 

Additionally, after initial instruction, Dr Bandi is often required to make amendments and add further information to reports. Dr Bandi intends to instruct Accuro to specifically proofread and structure these to align with his specific report format. 


In addition to medicolegal reports, Accuro provides legal transcription services, medical transcription services, academic transcription services, property transcription services, captioning servicesZoom & Teams transcription services and translation services.

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