Technology helping firms to embrace flexible working

Accuro provides outsourced digital transcription solutions to a range of specialised professions including the legal and medical sectors. When many transcription companies were opting to send dictation offshore, Accuro took the decision to put quality at the top of its priority list and focus on building a panel of UK based professional transcribers.

Accuro’s nationwide transcriber panel now exceeds 270. Transcribers benefit from a flexible working schedule that allows them to work from home and manage their own workload. Digital dictation is transcribed using Express Scribe, a free professional transciption software. A transcriber can install Express Scribe on their computer to control audio playback with keyboard hotkeys or a transcription foot pedal for hands free audio control, improving transcription efficiency.

Christine Miller, an experienced medical secretary, joined Accuro’s transcriber panel in 2008. She talks us through how she is enjoying the benefits of flexible home-working.

Was it difficult to set up as a home-worker?

Not at all. I work part time as a medical secretary at a GP surgery and was looking for ways to supplement my salary. I thought it would be a good idea to use my skills as a medical secretary so I approached Accuro to find out more about joining their team of typists working from home. I found out that their transcribers work on a self-employed basis which meant that I could do their transcription alongside my job at the medical centre. The only equipment I needed was a computer with Broadband internet access and audio player software. I decided to download the free Express Scribe software which I have been using ever since.

How do you benefit from Accuro’s flexible working practices?

The benefit of being on Accuro’s transcriber panel is that I really am my own boss. I can choose when I want to work and also how much I want to earn. I can fit the work in around my job at the surgery by doing Accuro’s typing in the evening. I request as much work as I want each day, but am under no obligation to work if it doesn’t suit me. I simply get paid for the amount of dictation I transcribe for Accuro each month.

Accuro are always looking for talented and experienced transcribers to join their panel of professionals. If you are interested in a flexible working schedule that allows you to work from home and manage your own workload, being an Accuro transcriber could be perfect for you.

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