5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Transcription Can Save You Time & Money

  1. Common Sense

No time or money is needed to train staff members when Accuro boasts a panel of over 450 medically and legally trained transcribers!

  1. Experience

Members of staff will not produce high quality documents from audio or video recordings as fast as a professional transcriber can.  If in-house staff are not efficient at this, then both money and time are wasted.  In-house employees could spend time more productively by working on other core business activities!

  1. Staff Overheads

With Accuro, you pay as you go.  Simply pay for what you need, when you need it, with no unnecessary costs or minimum spend!

  1. 24/7 Processing

Accuro’s transcribers work outside of office hours, increasing your productivity and allowing you to do more with your time.

  1. Editing

Accuro’s in-house editing function means that your documents are reviewed by fresh eyes before being returned to you.  You can be confident that the work you receive is of a high quality and will only need a quick proofread before you send them on to your clients or colleagues.


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