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Become a medical transcriber for Accuro

Thank you for contacting us over the last year.  Accuro are now looking for freelance typists/transcribers who have worked in a healthcare setting in the past. 

Please note, you will need a Windows PC, Microsoft Office and a transcription kit such as NCH’s Express Scribe or an Olympus transcription module.

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Frequently asked questions

You will be allocated work that is suitable for your experience. When we accept you on to the panel we carefully select a customer list for you based on your previous experience.

Accuro pays panel members a pre-agreed rate per minute of dictation. Each month Accuro create an invoice for you which is paid by Bacs directly into your bank account. You will be self-employed and will need to register as such with HMRC.

No. You will be contracted on a freelance basis and as such you determine how often and when you want to work. Your commitment to us is when you request work it is completed by the pre-agreed time.

You will need a Windows PC/laptop with Microsoft Office and a broadband/fibre internet connection. You will also need a professional transcription kit.

You will need to have recent secretarial experience and be based in the UK, as we are unable to send our clients’ data offshore.

Unfortunately, we are not yet compatible with Apple Macintosh computers.  You will need to acquire a Windows 10 PC/laptop.  Please feel free to contact us if you need some advice on a new PC.