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Become a Psychiatry transcriber

Accuro, the UK’s leading medical transcription company is looking for talented and experienced transcribers based in the UK, with Psychiatry experience to type or edit/format Psychiatry UK dictation/documents. If you don’t have any psychiatry transcription experience, please apply by clicking here.

Please complete the short form below, and then you will be asked to complete a short typing test before we can process your application.

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Frequently asked questions

You must be based in the UK. If you’re successful, you will be required to provide proof of your right to work in the UK.

Do not apply if you are not based in the UK and cannot prove your right to work in the UK.

Accuro provide medical transcription services to all medical disciplines and are always looking for new transcribers to work alongside us. 

If you have at least 3 years’ medical typing experience in any speciality, then please read the below information to find out more and apply.

Our recruitment team will allocate you to either a transcription role, or a home editor/proofreader role (where you will edit speech recognition files) – once you’re registered with Accuro, you can request to be moved to either/both transcription or home editor/proofreader.

Please note: You will need to be based in the UK, as we are unable to send our clients’ data offshore.

Our software has been built to stringent NHS standards, and requires the following equipment:

  • Windows 10 or newer machine with over 4gb RAM and a dual core processor. Apple Macintosh machines are not supported.
  • Microsoft 365 – latest version of Office. Older versions of Microsoft Office will not work.
  • Transcription foot pedal (or know how to use hotkeys). 
  • Broadband/fibre internet. 
  • A good quality set of headphones.


We also recommend a transcription foot pedal.

We recommend Olympus foot pedals or Infinity foot pedals; however, other foot pedals may work (we cannot guarantee that other generic foot pedals will work).

When you start with Accuro, you will be at a set rate. Once you have completed a substantial amount of work and built up a client base, you can request to change your rate and Accuro’s team will advise what is best to maximise the work you will receive.

Each month Accuro create an invoice for you which is paid by Bacs directly into your bank account. You will be self-employed and will need to register as such with HMRC.

You will be contracted on a freelance basis and as such you determine how often and when you want to work. Once you’re set up, you will have a “timesheet” for the next seven days where you can request the minutes of dictation you want to complete on any given day.

Your commitment to us is that when you request work, it is completed by the pre-agreed time, usually by 9am the following working day.

Yes! A lot of our transcribers work for Accuro in the evenings/early mornings before their full or part-time employment. A number of our transcribers move away from the ‘9 to 5’ and work with Accuro on a more regular basis.

You will be contracted on a freelance basis and as such you determine how often and when you want to work. Once you’re set up, you will have a “timesheet” for the next seven days where you can request the minutes of dictation you want to complete on any given day.

You will be contracted on a freelance basis and as such you determine how often and when you want to work. 

For more information on being a freelancer, please visit the Gov.uk website here.


You choose how much dictation you want to type, when you want to type it and how often you want to work for us. Many transcribers love this about Accuro as you don’t have to put in the dreaded holiday request and wait nervously for its approval. If you are a parent, then childcare during school holidays is no longer a problem. 

Tailored customer base

No matter where your experience lies, we have a customer base for you. Our recruitment team and work-allocation team will go through your CV and assign customers that best reflect your skillset, whether that be nine years in a GP surgery, four years in family law or 12 years as a neurosurgeon’s personal secretary. After all, typing what you know and enjoy makes it both fun and financially viable.


Who needs one client when you could have 30? As a national outsourcing company our customer base is much larger than if you were to set up your own personal service, meaning you will receive a variety of different customers to type for. You will build up a regular customer base whose work you will receive consistently, but you can also try different accounts as they come on board too. The more customers you type for the more work you receive and the more money you earn.


We have a dedicated transcriber management team whose goal is the improvement and wellbeing of all the transcribers on our panel. Whether you have a question about how to request work, how to lay out a certain document or just generally want to have a chat about working with us, somebody will be available to help!

As you begin typing, you will also receive regular feedback from our in-house editing team which will help you understand what a customer wants, and to answer any queries you have regarding terminology and our transcribers often end up learning something that helps them going forwards.

Our IT support team are also on hand to help you as much as possible with any software or computer problems you may encounter – after all, if your PC isn’t working, then how are you supposed to work with us?

Thanks for applying!

Thank you for applying to join Accuro’s panel. Due to a higher than usual volume of applications, it may take longer than usual to process your application.

If you have not received a reply within 3 weeks, please assume that we are currently at capacity.