How to use Accuro Express

Frequently asked questions

From time to time, you may encounter a problem with your software or the process.  Here are some troubleshooting techniques you can try. If these don’t work, please contact the office for further help.

Work must be completed and back to us by 9am the day after it was assigned to you.  Days are business days, for example, work sent to you on a Friday is due back by 9am the following Monday.  

If you can’t hear or understand a word, please replace it in the transcript with the word inaudible (in red font), in square brackets and with a time stamp. For example, [inaudible 02:03] would tell Accuro’s editing team that they need to check that point in the transcript.

Right click on the Task list button on left-hand side of Accuro Express. Select Clear database. Right click on the ‘Task list’ button again and select Refresh.  The tasks will then download, and you will receive a purple pop up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen as each file downloads. Wait for the last task in your task list to download and the last pop up to come through before trying to open the dictation and template again.

If your task is not opening in your transcription software, please check you have set your default programs as per the video instructions below:


Olympus guide

Express Scribe guide

Check that the document is named exactly the same as the task (as it appears in your task list) and attempt to upload again.  If you are uploading more than one document to a task, then please add -1, -2, etc. to the end of the documents or as directed on a client template (if different) in order to be able to upload them.

If the file is grouped: Save the file as the group name which is what appears in the task list under work pending. This will not be suggested immediately when trying to save the file, so you will have to do it manually.


Please follow the guide below if the dictation is blank or will not play back:

Firstly, please check you are opening the dictation in your transcription software and that it isn’t the encrypted version.  If the dictation is still blank or will not play back, in office hours (Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:30), please call 01565 748 000 to alert us to this and we will remove it from your task list so that you can continue with the other tasks in your task list.  If it is out of hours, please click on the ‘Message Accuro’ button for that specific task and type a note to explain the issue.  Then create a blank Word document named the same as the task (as it appears in your task list) and upload this, ensuring that you also add a note on the upload page to again notify us of the issue. Adding this note will ensure that it does not go straight back to the client.

You must ensure that your transcription software, File Explorer (where all of your documents/folders are stored) and Word are closed prior to clicking on the ‘Upload’ button. Please check they are closed and then try clicking on the Upload button again.

Hover your cursor over the Accuro Express icon on your PC taskbar.  If there are two windows, hover your cursor over the upload screen window and right mouse click on it, select move from the list and then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to bring the upload screen into view.  Once it is in view, mouse click anywhere on your screen to deactivate the move function.

For each dictation, you will be able to download a template document from Accuro Express.  Please note any messages on the template or sample and follow any instructions given on how to name files or set work out.  If you are unsure on anything, please contact our editing team in the first instance by calling on 01565 748000 or using the message Accuro function.

If it is outside of office hours, let our editing team know by using the notes field when sending the transcript back.

Sometimes, dictation will not be playable in your transcription kit and cannot be controlled by your foot pedal. In this case, you will have to change the default application that is associated with certain file types. You should have done this when setting up with ourselves; however, if it has stopped working, please watch the relevant video below:

Olympus guide

Express Scribe guide

Please run through the instructions in the video above or the instructions below:
  • Go into your documents folder and delete the folder named Accuro and all its contents (which has subfolders named Instructions and Transcripts);
  • Using your Control Panel, uninstall Accuro Express;
  • You then need to delete the database for the software from your PC. Below is how to do this;
This is the path to the database for XP users, C:\Documents and Settings\gary\Local Settings\Application Data\AccuroExpress This is the path for Windows 7, 8 or 10 users, C:\Users\gary\AppData\Local\AccuroExpress You will need to replace the “gary” bit with your username for your PC. You probably won’t be able to see the AppData or Application data folders by browsing, so you need to type the folder name into the address bar directly within Windows Explorer (what you use to view the folders on your PC); Once in the folder, delete the AEDatabase.sdf file;
  • Restart your PC and then click on this link to download Accuro Express;

Right click on the Task list button on left-hand side of Accuro Express. Select Clear database. Right click on the Task list button again and select Refresh. The tasks should appear again. Occasionally, you may need to log out of Accuro Express and log back in for them to do so. It may be that files have been recalled for reasons such as urgency/no longer requires typing and so will not appear in your list. If you are unsure then please contact the office and we will let you know.

There are various reasons for this. If you hover your cursor over the task name, the pop-up window will detail why. Below are the possible reasons for this: –

  1. The file is urgent and needs to be transcribed as soon as possible;
  2. We have sent a file back to you because there is a problem with it. If you hover over the file name with your mouse, you will see what the problem is;
  3. There are specific instructions for a file from the customer that we want to draw your attention to. Again, hover over the file name and you will see these instructions;
  4. We have sent you a group of dictations that all relate to each other. Hover over the file name and it will tell you how many dictations relate to that task.

Please do not use the notes field or Message Accuro for messages that are dictated, please type these in red font at the top of the transcript. For example, if a doctor dictated, “the patient will phone and collect this letter” this would be typed in red font at the top of the transcript and not in the notes field of Accuro Express.

Only our editing team see the notes field so you should only use this to notify us of an inaudible word or other queries you may have that we need to check.

Please ensure that your task list is ordered from 1 to the highest number on the left hand side of your task list. Please see the video below: