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Unlock Your Potential: Transcriber Jobs with Accuro

Discover a rewarding career in transcription with Accuro’s typing jobs from home. Whether you’re seeking a flexible schedule to align with personal commitments, aiming for an additional monthly income, or eager to venture into self-employment for a more adaptable work environment, our Transcriber Jobs provide a seamless solution.


Understanding Transcription:

Unlock the world of transcription, specifically transcriber jobs from home, where the art lies in listening to various recordings (mp3, wav, ds2, etc.) and precisely transcribing the dictated content. Transcribers, essentially self-employed typists, find a home-based haven with Accuro.

The recordings can be generated and then transcribed or typed for customers working within a range of industries, but predominantly medical professionals, lawyers, occupational health therapists, HR professionals, academics, insurance and property firms.

Customers will all have different requirements but generally the work will involve typing letters, reports, forms or meeting minutes.  Most transcription companies will provide transcribers with customer templates, instructions and sample documents to help make their job that bit easier!


Diverse Clientele, Varied Expertise:

Accuro caters to a broad spectrum of industries, encompassing medical professionals, lawyers, occupational health therapists, HR professionals, academics, insurance, and property firms. With each customer bringing unique requirements, our transcribers excel at typing letters, reports, forms, or meeting minutes. Accuro provides templates, instructions, and sample documents, streamlining the transcription process.


Why Choose Accuro:

Embarking on transcriber jobs from home can be daunting, but Accuro simplifies the journey. We address concerns around self-employment intricacies, tax considerations, and marketing strategies. As a transcriber, you’ll benefit from an instant customer base, ability to reject work you don’t want to do, simplified invoicing (no more chasing clients for payment!) and the ability to choose when you do and don’t work.


Opportunity Beckons:

Accuro is expanding, and we’re on the lookout for talented typists to join our UK-based panel of transcribers. Explore the benefits of becoming a home-based typist with Accuro:


Choose when, how much, and how often you want to type. Say goodbye to the hassle of holiday requests and enjoy the freedom to work during school holidays or plan spontaneous getaways.


Tailored Customer Base:

We match your skills and experience with a customer base that aligns with your expertise. Whether you have years in a GP surgery, family law, or as a neurosurgeon’s secretary, we tailor your customer assignments. Your transcriber jobs are sent as and when you want them.



Embrace variety with a diverse customer base. As a national outsourcing company, you’ll receive work from multiple clients, building a consistent base while exploring new accounts.



At Accuro, we understand that your growth is paramount. Our transcriber management team is committed to supporting you every step of the way. From providing constructive feedback to offering guidance on refining your transcription skills, we prioritize your continuous improvement. Our IT support team ensures that any technical hurdles are swiftly overcome, so you can focus on what you do best—transcribing with precision and expertise.

Essentials for Home-Based Transcribers:


  • Windows PC (Windows 10 or newer).
  • Microsoft 365 (Previously Microsoft Office 365 – desktop apps not web-apps).
  • Adobe PDF reader.
  • High-speed broadband internet connection.



  • Transcription foot pedal.
  • Quality headphones.
  • Quality mouse.


What Our Transcribers Say:

“It’s always a pleasure to transcribe for Accuro – we get such interesting clients; I’m never bored!” – Accuro transcriber panel member (August 2023)

Take the Next Step:

Ready to redefine your career? Take the next step by applying for Transcriber Jobs with Accuro. Our ‘Become a transcriber’ page is your gateway to a world of possibilities. Click here or hit the button below to initiate a transformative journey where your passion for transcription meets a supportive community that values and invests in your success.

Join Accuro, where every keystroke contributes to a greater narrative, and every transcriber is an essential part of our success story. Your future awaits – explore transcriber jobs today!

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