Data security and the transcription process

Accuro is committed to data security and protection of the personal identifiable information we handle. Not following our procedures could result in a transcript being sent back to the wrong person. Please take the time to refresh yourself on the procedure you must follow and also review the tips and tricks we have put together to help.  Once you are sure you understand please confirm this via the form below:

Transcriber process:

Proofreader/editor process:


Follow the procedure for creating and saving a transcript exactly as described in our training video.  Do not try and find ‘shortcuts’ as this is when problems occur.  Our software controls work on the basis of this procedure and are here to protect you from possible data breaches. 

  • You MUST close ALL Microsoft Word documents after you’ve finished typing a letter/document.
  • Ensure you close Olympus or Express Scribe after you’ve finished typing a letter/document.
  • Ensure ALL notepad files are closed after you’ve finished typing a letter/document.
  • Never email a completed transcript to Accuro unless specifically asked to do so by a member of our team in writing.
  • Ensure the dictation file name matches the file at the top of your list in Accuro Express.
  • Don’t copy and paste file names.
  • Don’t copy and paste documents or contents to anywhere other than the template provided.
  • Don’t type outside of the template you download from Accuro Express.
  • Don’t save templates, completed documents or audio files anywhere on your PC other than the specific Accuro Instructions folder.
  • Ensure you change your Accuro Express password every 3 months.
  • Never leave your PC unlocked whilst you have dictations/documents open.


Once you have watched the videos above and read the tips/tricks, please confirm you have understood. If you are at all unsure please contact Accuro before completing the form below.