How transcription can boost your field network?

Does your business utilise a field network? If it does you may not have considered how a transcription service could help boost your productivity.

Managing a field network, from a profit-making perspective, is all about utilisation. Let us take a typical model: –

You run an employed model with a fixed cost to the business. How many tasks that field network completes is key to profit or not. Not enough tasks and your fixed costs are too high, too many tasks and either you can’t cope with the work or your field agents become disillusioned.  

If those tasks require administration work (reports, forms, statements, etc.) it tends to be the case that field agents complete out of hours or at peak times when they could be attending appointments.

Accuro receives dictation from field networks that is completed in a fraction of the time that it takes them to do it themselves. Field agent attends an appointment, uploads dictation and moves on to the next appointment. The business receives all work the next business day and utilisation goes through the roof.

Accuro can hold a suite of documents/templates bespoke to your business. Audio is transcribed onto your ‘house style’ and returned within SLA, regardless of volume.

We work with national businesses that have adopted this better way of working and consequently seen those all-important utilisation rates improve dramatically.

If you want to see how, then contact us at or phone 01565 748 000. One of account managers is ready to help.

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