Uninstall anti-virus

There are many different antivirus programs on the market. A lot of anti-virus software causes more issues than they help.

We always recommend transcribers to use Windows Defender. If you want the peace of mind, we recommend you use anti-virus like you would a face mask. Put it on (install and run a scan) and then take it off when finished (Uninstall it). 

How do I uninstall my anti-virus?

Anti-virus software embeds very firmly into your computer, and cannot simply be uninstalled via the add/remove programs feature in Windows. 

You will therefore need to check the software’s website for this.

We’ve created a handy list on how to uninstall the most popular anti-virus software below:


Uninstall Link

Adaware (formerly Lavasoft Ad-Aware)

Adaware uninstall link.


Avast uninstall link.


AVG uninstall link.


Avira uninstall link.

BitDefender 2015

BitDefender uninstall link.


Kaspersky uninstall link.


McAfee uninstall link.

Norton Antivirus
Norton Internet Security
Norton Security Scan

Norton Antivirus uninstall.

Norton 360

Norton Antivirus uninstall.

If your anti-virus is not listed here, then please go to the website for the anti-virus you have and find the uninstall tools here.

Once you’ve uninstalled your anti-virus from the information below, then try to reinstall Accuro Express by following the guide here.