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University transcription

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Accuro specialises in university transcription services, transcribing technical content from departments such including social sciences, medicine, the arts and geography.

Intelligent verbatim

Intelligent verbatim university transcription involves a certain amount of discretion by Accuro’s expert transcribers who use their experience in your field to omit speech that adds no value.

This is mainly omitting ‘erms’, ‘errs’, repetitions and false starts. 

Intelligent verbatim is recommended for research interviews, group discussions and focus groups as it makes the final transcript easier to read.

Complete verbatim

Complete verbatim university transcription captures every single word, utterance and interruption recorded in an audio file. 

This includes ‘erms’, ‘errs’, repetitions and false starts. Complete verbatim transcription helps to understand the authenticity of dialogue and the context in which it’s said. 

Complete verbatim transcription helps for legal analysis of interviews, market research, accessibility for neurodivergent or d/Deaf readers.

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What our customers say

Teresa Peres, Research Fellow, Royal Holloway University in Collaboration with The University Of Leeds Co-POWeR Project Teresa Peres, Research Fellow Royal Holloway University in Collaboration with The University Of Leeds Co-POWeR Project

Your service is amazing! Thank you so much, I can now use the 6 transcripts ahead of field work next week, which is a massive help!

Graham Finney, Agricultural economist Graham Finney, Agricultural economist

Thanks again for the files, all looks good to me! Great work I'm impressed you managed to transcribe so much I thought some of the recordings would be too unclear.

Jim Baxter, Professional Ethics Consultancy Team Leader, University of Leeds Jim Baxter, Professional Ethics Consultancy Team Leader, University of Leeds

All files received with thanks for your excellent and quick work!

Margot Lodge, PhD Student, Monash University Margot Lodge, PhD Student, Monash University

The files are fantastic, thank you. Really accurate and super quick turn around, thanks for all of your help along the way, too. Great service!

About Us

Accuro has been leading the way in university transcription services for over 20 years. Accuro’s ethos is providing a secure, quick and reliable legal transcription service to turbo boost your firm. 

Frequently asked questions

Still not found what you’re looking for?  Below is a list of FAQs that should help. 

Intelligent Verbatim University Transcription is a level of transcription that leaves the process of transcribing an audio recording to a certain amount of discretion by the transcriber. It allows for the transcript to include only the important content.  Our expert transcribers will use their experience to omit certain elements if they add no meaning to the script.

Verbatim university transcription is a method of transcribing audio that records every single part of the dialogue, from pauses to “umm”s, stutters to false starts and everything in between. Verbatim transcription converts speech to text exactly as it sounds, without “cleaning up” the mistakes and pauses.

Accuro has been transcribing confidential recordings for over 20 years.  Our software has been developed around the stringent encryption standards required by the NHS.  We are proud to be certified to ISO27001, the internal standard governing data security.  We are visited annually by external auditors who review every part of our transcription, operational and technical processes. We are registered with the ICO and have an inhouse compliance team who are responsible for monitoring adherence to UK GDPR regulations. 

For the most secure university transcription service, look no further than Accuro.

Accuro’s university transcription service is provided in any style or format you want. Your profile can hold an unlimited number of templates and you simply drag and drop/upload the audio file to your required template. If you don’t have a template requirement then we will transcribe on to Microsoft Word as the author dictates.   

You will receive an invoice (if work has been uploaded) weekly in arrears. Payments can be made using: 

  • Direct debit 
  • PayPal 
  • Bank transfer 

University transcription refers to the provision of transcription (conversion of spoken words into written text) for various academic purposes within a university setting. Academic transcription services are typically offered to help faculty, researchers, students, and other members of the university community transcribe recorded content such as lectures, interviews, meetings, research interviews, and other spoken material.

Here are some common scenarios where university transcription or academic transcription services may be utilised:

Lecture Transcription: Transcribing recorded lectures allows students to access accurate and detailed notes, aiding in their understanding of course materials.

Research Transcription: Researchers often conduct interviews, focus groups, or record observations for their studies. Academic transcription ensures that these recordings can be used for analysis and documentation.

Accessibility Services: University transcription services are crucial for making educational content accessible to individuals with hearing impairments. Providing university transcription for video and audio materials ensures that all students can access the information. For video content, also consider captioning services.

Meeting Transcription: Transcribing meetings can help in documenting discussions, decisions, and action items, providing a valuable resource for participants.

Specialised Transcription: Some academic disciplines may have specialised needs for transcription services. For example, medical students might transcribe patient interviews, and language departments may transcribe language samples for linguistic analysis.

University transcription services can be outsourced to professional transcription companies or handled in-house by university staff, depending on the resources and preferences of the institution. The goal is to create accurate and readable transcripts that serve the specific needs of the academic community.

Accuro have and continue to work with a number of universities:

  • Birmingham University
  • Coventry University
  • Medical University of Vienna
  • University of Kent
  • University of Bath
  • University of Oxford
  • Lancaster University
  • University of Manchester
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Newcastle University Medical School
  • University of Liverpool
  • University of Dundee
  • University of St Andrews
  • University of Leeds
  • Glyndwr University
  • University Hospital Southampton
  • University of Essex
  • Aston University 
  • Hull University
  • University of Reading