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Did you know that Accuro is integrated with BigHand?

As an approved partner with the BigHand dictation workflow system, Accuro simply ‘bolts on’ to your current typing pool. The workflow is flexible as the outsourcing function can be set for certain departments, fee earners or manual ‘end of day’ uploads which hasn’t been completed by internal resource.

The idea that firms need to employ or recruit typing pools is unnecessary and costly. Secretarial cover is essential but their responsibilities is moving further over to administrator-style duties. The day to day output; typing letters, files notes, statements, attendance notes etc. is a function that is more suited to outsourced transcription.

Fee-earner productivity is at the core of all law firms and balancing the support costs. Firms using the outsourced model have reported not only an increase in productivity, due to timely responses, but a decrease in associated support costs, on both a tangible level (like for like costs) but the less tangible; office space, management of pool etc.

Accuro’s integration with BigHand has helped both top 100 and SME firms to implement a simple, flexible model that facilitates growth without the associated costs.


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