What type of transcription services can Accuro provide?

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Reliable UK transcription services

Searching for a reliable and experienced UK transcription service for your business can be difficult, especially for those in the medical, legal and academic sectors. Not only do you need to ensure that your data is kept safe, handled professionally and returned quickly, but you also need to be assured that those providing your transcription services are experienced in your field, with a good grasp of all of the required terminology.

As a market-leading transcription service for professionals, in a wide range of industries, Accuro promises to not only return all correspondence within one day, but also to provide you with a professional panel of transcribers (typists or virtual assistants) who possess proficient knowledge in your specific field.  By investing in a specialised team of transcribers able to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations, our advanced transcription services keep us at the top of the UK transcription market!

Our transcription services

Focusing on specific professional sectors allows us to ensure that we’re providing the best possible and most reliable transcription service to all of our customers. Our teams are built from those with good experience in their specific industry, holding key knowledge of your sector that will help them to accurately transcribe whatever you need.

Legal transcription

With years’ of experience providing legal transcription, our industry-specific UK transcribers are recruited to handle your dictation so that your legal case notes and other sensitive materials are handled quickly and with care. Helping to transcribe court transcripts, correspondence and other important legal materials, our teams ensure that your firm’s documentation is always consistent and handled by those with experience in your specialist area.

Medical transcription

As we never outsource our transcription services outside of the UK, any customers looking for reliable medical transcription services can feel certain that not only will their outsourced medical typing be accurate, it will also be handled securely by medical secretaries with expert knowledge in their field. Working with national organisations as well as medical professionals operating within both the NHS and the private sector, our teams have experience in handling confidential patient data – which is why data protection is considered throughout each aspect of our transcription process.

Human resources transcription

Those looking for human resources transcription can also rest assured that their sensitive interviews can be handled confidentially by a UK-based transcription service, meaning any issues that can’t be dealt with in-house by your secretarial team can be confidently and accurately transcribed by a dedicated expert with knowledge of HR procedures. With a committed team of transcribers that stand to our rigorous security standards, Accuro can always ensure that all UK data protection regulations are met with each UK transcription.

Property transcription

Being a surveyor means completing reports. Whether this be a valuation or a damp report, they need typing (or transcribing/transcription as we say).  Accuro’s property transcription services can act as a “one stop shop” for surveyor firms, currently acting as both a complete solution and as an overflow solution, providing all of the required typing for a number of firms and also on an adhoc basis for firms that struggle during busy periods and secretarial absence.

Professional video transcription

Along with legal and medical professionals, our team also includes experts proficient in academic transcriptions and insurance transcriptions.

Our academic transcriptions are perfect for both one-off interviews, or for focus groups, where the voices and opinions of all participants need to be recognised and recorded. With a collection of private sector clients (such as advertising agencies) as well as public sector organisations, including universities, all of our transcriptions are accurate and can be used in records and analysis.

Insurance transcriptions can be particularly useful, especially when producing CPR complaint statements which can be taken from dictation or from handwritten sources. Our team aims to provide options that are both affordable and efficient for insurance experts, ensuring not only that information is provided accurately, but that we can create a court compliant statement if necessary.

Choosing Accuro for your transcription services

With our signature pay-as-you-go service, Accuro can help cover for any staff absence or one-off requirements while always promising confidential, secure and reliable transcription services from UK-based transcribers. Our ISO27001 accreditation ensures that we work to strict regulations within a secure environment, and our unrivaled turnaround times mean that not only can you be certain that your needs will be met in a professional, confidential and skillful manner, but that all correspondence will be returned within one business day.

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To learn more about how our high security and experienced services can help your organisation, click here or call a member of our team in head office on 01565 748000. Our team will always be available to ensure you find the best possible and most reliable transcription service for your business’s needs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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