Why not Pay-As-You-Go?

Matching resource to levels of business is the art of management. The general idea being to provide a great service or product at an agreed time at the right price.

If levels of work are constant, things are generally simple – match resource to work in, ensuring margin.

Management time can become more focused when levels of work either drop or increase and let’s be honest, this happens in most businesses. Two scenarios emerge if work drops then resource becomes too expensive and margin goes.

If work increases, resource is low and so service levels go out. In the short term, it’s a hit on reputation but if it persists, work reduces and so on…

Good management may choose a pay-as-you-go service. Work goes down, resource is cheaper, work goes up, service is maintained and work stays up.

At Accuro, our pay-as-you-go service is tailored for organisations or individuals who experience peaks and troughs in work. Please contact enquiries@accuro.co.uk or phone 01565 748 000. One of account managers is ready to help.



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