Working as a home editor / proofreader – In the hot seat – Joanna.

Accuro is recruiting for additional team members to join our panel of home-based editor staff who proofread and edit documents generated by our speech recognition engine. Are you interested to find out if being a document proofreader and home editor could be suitable for you?  Joanna, one of our proofreading services panel members describes how proofreading online works for her.

Why did you want to become a home editor for Accuro?

I used to be one of Accuro’s typists but had reduced my workload when I took on extra work from the psychiatrist I type directly for. Accuro contacted me during lockdown to introduce a new self-employed proofreader role and I decided to give it a go!

What are the benefits of being a proofreader and home editor?

One of the benefits of editing is that the AI generated document, although not necessarily 100% accurate, gives you a solid base to ensure that the dictation is turned into a perfect document. Even when words are transcribed incorrectly as a result of difficult dictation, the speech recognition engine gives you a ‘best guess’ at what the word may be, allowing me as the home editor to quickly amend to the correct word.

Typing can be time consuming, and I found the speed of editing meant I could reduce the time I spent on each document.  Sometimes it can be twice as fast as typing a document. Luckily most dictation I have received since becoming a professional proofreader has been of decent quality, allowing me to produce an accurate document much faster, meaning I can earn more money.

Are there any downsides to proofreading online?

Anyone with experience as a transcriber knows that sometimes you strike lucky with a speaker; they dictate slowly, with no background noise and a clear accent. Sometimes however you aren’t so lucky, and the speaker can be dictating in a noisy environment.  Editing these dictations can be difficult but the AI generated document gives you a good starting point to work with.

Apply today to provide proofreading and editing services

Do you have experience of editing or proofreading? Are you looking for a new, challenging role in freelance proofreading? If you are looking for a role that offers flexibility to fit in around existing work, family or educational commitments Accuro’s proofreading jobs from home could be perfect for you. You can enjoy the benefit of choosing your own working pattern as well as saving on travel expenses and time.  To find out more about our home-based proofreader roles, hit ‘apply now’ below. 

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