Workload Pressure and Medical Transcription

As organisations face shrinking budgets and strive for efficiency within the workplace, one area that is experiencing significant growth is digital dictation processing.

Medical secretaries are essential to any GP Practice or private consultant. They spend endless hours diarising clinics, managing waiting lists, updating patient records, sending samples for medical testing and managing workflow systems; yet, somehow, they also have to type countless referrals and letters to patients and consultants

A secretary from the Journal of Medical Secretaries and Administrators (2011) explains how she feels that medical secretaries are “at present, being devalued and looked at as nothing more than audio typists,” suggesting that audio typing has become the largest portion of a medical secretary’s role.

Another secretary wrote in the same journal about how she felt there was more she could do; specifically, “more of a contribution I could make to patients”.  Clearly, medical secretaries want to do more with their time to provide a better service; however, large volumes of typing can mean that this is not always possible.

Typing of doctor’s notes and reports is essential for patient welfare; however, do secretaries need to be doing this in-house as the majority of their workload?  Here at Accuro, we offer the solution

Accuro have a panel of over 300 medical transcribers from every medical speciality, all working within the UK. Accuro have helped ease the pressures on medical secretaries across the UK, leading to a large percentage of time freed up to focus on other aspects of their extremely busy role.

Medical secretary Andre Goncalves has hailed Accuro as an “excellent” and “timely” solution to his typing troubles, allowing him to grow his own business, YPMA, and focus on other areas of his role in the knowledge that his typing is in good hands.  He writes, “I have found Accuro’s delivery excellent and, importantly for me, a very quick and easy implementation thanks to solid account management”.

Could Accuro have the solution to you?  Give our friendly team a call on 01565 748000 to find out how you can get started today.

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